"You have to love either what you are going to eat, or the person you are cooking for. Then you have to give yourself up to cooking. Cuisine is an act of love."

-ALAIN CHAPEL, Chef (1937-1990)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oily, waxy beef stock “cube”

More often than not, beef cubes let us cheat.  I’m all for making as much things from the scratch but let’s face it not many of us have the time to constantly brew our own broth and fridge for future use.  So I cheat.  Always!  Well most of the time.  And when I do, most beef cubes diluted in water will leave an oily surface that can make your soup or stews turn waxy on top.  Sometimes I want to make clear clean soup where I don’t sauté anything but just boil my ingredients directly.  Using oily waxy beef stocks kinda give people the impression that my dish is not wholly healthy, you know what I mean.  

So I found a way to get rid of that waxy layer…

Simply dilute your beef stock in hot water.  Once stirred and completely diluted, just add a handful of ice.  The oil will immediately waxed out.  And when it’s time to pour the stock to your dish, use a filter.  That’s it! 

P/s - let me know if you'd like a visual reference by leaving a message.  Ta!